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Epic P.O.E.M. (Paid. Owned. Earned. Media)
We connect brand and consumer stories and we tell them to new and existing audiences, sparking dialogue, conversation and engagement across every media space. Knowing how to tell the right story, to the right audience, with the right media, at the right time. This is our passion.

Waveform AnalysisTM 
Culture Never SleepsTM. Like the world that we live in, culture is in constant motion, so how can brands understand, predict and influence cultural waves in real time? How can brands behave predictively and proactively? We use real-time data from multiple sources in a proprietary process called Waveform AnalysisTM. Invented by Alissa Allen, the Waveform AnalysisTM methodology charts, predicts and measures cultural waves, guiding brands to be adaptive and customer centric. 

epic process

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